1950s Belgian architect oak dining table
Elli & Gova chairs 1951
Italian dining table 1978

About Galerie Alainko

Antwerp based Alain Hens started online dealing in 20th century high-quality design furniture under the name Alainko.
At Alainko, we depart from a different perception on furniture. Insight and understanding of materials and techniques form the basis of this perception. Since opening the gallery in 2012 the selection went broader and post war abstract art came in the picture.

We offer an alternative to mass- (re) produced furniture by looking for originality in design and finish, furniture with character, furniture that is exclusive and unique and produced on a small scale, furniture that needs no ornaments or decoration.
In doing this, we look further than trends and marketability, to anticipate and thus have a hand in creating new trends.

It is not the signature or the origin that matters to us, but the unique look, the authenticity and the originality of a design. We seek to add high-standard designs from small ateliers to our collection, rather than to acquire products of popular, obvious designers.